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55HX® - Premium Anodising Quality Aluminium

Blackburns Processing are the UK approved processor and distributor for 55HX®, a material developed to fulfil specifier’s demands for a high quality, high performance aluminium for interior and exterior applications.

55HX® composition and surface quality ensure it is especially suitable for decorative anodisation, with a large array of processing options and finishes it provides architects and designers with additional creative freedom. 55HX® aluminium is the ideal choice for facades, cladding, ceilings, walls and showcase designs and is available in a range of forms, sizes and gauges.

55HX® Key Benefits

•    Colour Uniformity
•    Corrosion, UV and scratch resistant after anodising
•    Excellent deformation properties
•    Very good bending properties
•    Outstanding durability
•    Easy Cleaning
•    100% recyclable
•    Non-combustible (European Fire Class A1, NFPA 285)

In addition to the stock sheet sizes below we can also process any size within our standard capabilities from the master coil stock which is kept in 1000mm, 1250mm and 1500mm widths. For further information or to discuss your requirements please contact Blackburns Processing.


2000mm x 1000mmXXXX
2500mm x 1250mmXXXXX  
3000mm x 1250mmXXX  
4000mm x 1250mmXX  
3000mm x 1500mmXX  
4000mm x 1500mmXX