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Polycarbonate Sheet

Our flat polycarbonate sheets, available from stock in 2mm to 12mm thicknesses are also available to order in 1mm and 15mm for specialist requirements with the former in sheet or coil format.

Polycarbonate is the ideal safety glazing material where clarity, impact resistance and fire performance are critical requirements.


UV stable, polycarbonate sheet is manufactured with an integral, co-extruded UV layer on both sides of the sheet so that it cannot be installed in the wrong way. Delivering extreme weather resistance in all environments, the sheet is offered with a 10 year warranty to assure the user of its dependability and performance.

Able to absorb high levels of energy, with an impact resistance 200 times that of glass, at half the weight, polycarbonate sheet also displays safe fire behaviour, making the product ideal for use both indoors and out, including commercial buildings subject to more demanding regulation or where there is a high risk of potential damage.


Readily fabricated and formed using conventional tools and equipment, our polycarbonate sheets are also ideal for cold line bending or thermoforming into complex shapes at deep draw ratios.

Firmly established as a principal material for the built environment, polycarbonate is suitable for a wide range of applications including rooflights, recognised as being more efficient than windows for getting natural daylight into a building, barrel vault roofing, canopies and shelters, machine guards and signage using clear and opal polycarbonate sheet for light box installations.


For applications exposed to airborne dust and dirt, our polycarbonate is also available with a hard, abrasion resistant coating which further increases the weatherability and chemical resistance of the sheet.