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INCO & PVD Process

Steel Color (INCO)

Steel Color (INCO) coloured range is created Coloration by interference or Electrochemical colouring Chemical dipped process.

  • The procedure is a Electrochemical Process known as (INCO) method which is a computer controlled electrochemical process; there are no dyes or pigments applied. This is a transparent oxide layer and therefore will not fade or crack
  • The INCO Interference effect: The immersion time of the stainless steel the and the applied layer of chromium oxide, will create the optical effect of the various colours . This process is a composition of the light spectrum and the depending on viewing angle, light it will give the appearance of a different color shade effect.

T-Steel (PVD)

  • Tsteel is a coloured stainless steel range which is obtained through the PVD technology (acronym of Physical Vapor Deposition): the plasma deposition allows the synthesis of nanostructure thin film coatings.
  • This process takes place in vacuum chambers where the metallic ions, vaporized and activated by plasma, condense on the stainless steel surface sheet

Benefits and Features

  • PVD (TSteel) Process is Environmental friendly unlike the traditional INCO electro chemical process which uses chemicals in the dipping process.
  • PVD (TSteel) Range materials stays the same colour in relation to angle and light. Unlike Inco has a reaction with color shading depending on elevation and light at that time of day.
  • The colours offer a Vibrant Visual effect due to the titanium content
  • PVD (TSteel) offers a slightly more robust finish compared to the Inco process.

Steel Color can also offer handrails and fittings please contact you local service for further information.

Steel Color Accreditations

  • ISO 9001.2008 (Quality Management System)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental) 
  • BS 18001 (production Quality standards)


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