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Steel Color®

Blackburns Metals are proud to be the sole UK distributor of Steel Color® - Italy's leading stainless steel specialists. Steel Color's advanced technology, unique design and polishing techniques enables Blackburns to provide a wide range of stainless steel patterns, finishes and custom creations.

Steel Color® electro-coloured stainless steel products have outstanding aesthetic quality. Maintaining the essential characteristics of the stainless steel material, it is equally resistant to corrosion and has the ability to be worked by many processes.

Steel Color® has a variety of applications and is ideal for use in the construction industry, in particular façades, the global elevator industry and architectural interior applications for urban design.

Steel Color® lends itself equally to decoration as well as utility. The colouring process does not use pigments which means it is not susceptible to UV degradation when used outdoors. Align this with the combination of various colours, satinising finishes, etched texture effects and embossed patterns to increase the options available, and the possibilities are only limited by imagination.


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