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Customer Specials

Blackburns has the ability to create customised aluminium extrusions to the customer’s own specification. We have the resources available to produce a comprehensive range of solid, hollow and multi-hollow extrusions for use in a wide range of industries and general engineering markets.

Our partners extensive facilities allow us to create complex extrusions, as well as standard commercial sections to precise tolerances, allowing us to produce miniature sections for prototypes by using extruded bar as billet. Sections as small as 1.6mm diameter rod and 2.4mm diameter hollows can be made in small quantities.

Extrusion Alloys & Markets

Blackburns is able to supply aluminium extrusions across a wide range of alloys, from 1000 to 7000 series. We help customers choose the right alloy for the appropriate extrusion application. When choosing the correct extrusion alloy a number of important requirements must be considered such as strength, surface finish, corrosion resistance and machinability. Blackburns supply customers in many market segments. These include automotive, marine, aerospace, rail, engineering, renewable energy, building and construction, incorporating the full range of extrusion alloys.

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Value Engineering

Initial stage engineering features can be designed into your aluminium extrusion. Screw ports, hinge details and bolt head slots can become a feature of your extrusion reducing pre-machining costs and creating easier assembly. Reviewing how your extrusion interacts with other components, and applying a range of standard fixing / jointing methods can save time and reduce costs with welding, drilling, milling and assembly.

Product Development

Blackburns can assist with the development of new or the enhancement of existing customer specific profiles, from conception to application, we offer support with detailing your design and providing drawings and samples prior to full production.

Added Value

We offer cut to length service, CNC fret work and complex fabrication, combine these with painting and anodising, and we are able to supply semifinished components to match our customers requirements.

Aluminium Extrusion Stockholding

  • Application of ‘Just-in-time’ techniques
  • Nationwide network of service centres providing immediate stock availability
  • Local stocks are supported by a large central stock linked via effective distribution
  • The ability to supply ‘Off-the-shelf’ products
  • Deliver stock to an agreed schedule

Giving you the opportunity

  • Cut to length, extrusion and bar saws
  • Drilling, tapping and mitring facilities
  • Anodising, polishing and painting
  • Technical advice turning ideas in to end products
  • CAD/CAM technology
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques
  • Comprehensive range of commercial standards
  • Wide variety of products
  • Standard sections
  • Custom sections, eg. shop fronts, lighting, transport, furniture, heatsinks and much more
  • Consistent quality at a competitive price
  • All extrusions available in a wide range of alloys

Benefits of Aluminium Extrusions

  • A light but strong alloy
  • One third the density of steel
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Can be machined, welded and formed
  • Many surface finishes
  • Huge range of applications
  • 100% recyclable