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BCP Sign Tray

Blackburns Metals have access to the largest and most comprehensive range of Signs and Sign Components in the UK. Our strategy is simply to provide a quality product and responsive delivery at a very competitive price. Your customers will not wait for extended lead times and neither should you.

Your order right first time, delivered on time, every time...

Blackburns also offer Composite Sign Trays attached to Aluminium or Steel Posts in the following sizes and finishes complete with finials or blanks.

BLACKBURNS METALS SIGN DISPLAY Page 24 Image 0001Aluminium Posts

  • 76mm Square Powder Coated (white)
  • 76mm Diameter Powder Coated
    (grey, white or silver anodised)
  • 89mm Diameter Powder Coated (white)

Steel Powder Coated Posts

  • 76mm Diameter Powder Coated (grey)
  • 89mm Diameter Powder Coated (grey)

Finials / Blanks

  • 76mm Square Powder Coated
    (white or mill finish)
  • 76mm / 89mm Diameter Powder Coated
    (grey, white or mill finish)

The image on the right illustrates the type of sign you will be able to manufacture with the new Rivnut & Bolt System using the above Blackburns products and finishes.