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PVC Foam Board

Our wide range of free foamed PVC sheets, with a smooth matt surface, are particularly suited to print and display applications, accepting any form of graphic overlay including screenprint, digital print direct and vinyl lamination.

Ideal for Print and Display

Blackburns PVC foam board is available in 1mm to 19mm thickness in various sheet sizes and diameters. Produced using chemical blowing agents to create a fine homogenous cell structure, foamed PVC sheets are half the weight of solid PVC while remaining flat and rigid, a key requirement for both processing and application. Significant chemical resistance and compliant with all international fire resistance standards, foamed PVC sheets can be used safely in many demanding environments.

Exceptional Print Performance

For effective digital print output, subtractive colour mixing relies on absorbing some wavelengths of light while reflecting others. For our large format digital print customers, printing direct to substrate, our brighter white foamed PVC sheet helps deliver a higher level of reflection from the surface for printed colours that appear more vibrant with sharp, well defined image definition.


Readily fabricated and formed using conventional tools and equipment, our foamed PVC sheets are suitable for a wide range of applications including signage, hanging displays, framed panels, wall mounted, printed display panels, point of purchase fixtures, wall cladding, partitions and suspended ceilings.

Our foamed PVC sheets also make an ideal core material for structures in the marine industry due to a combination of features including a high insulation value, safe fire behaviour to the extent that the product is self- extinguishing and other characteristics, including a high bending stiffness, good strength to weight ratio and the ability to reduce noise, providing an efficient acoustic barrier